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10 ways to market your business during COVID-19

We understand that as a business owner you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you’re having to make right now. Staff salaries, relief funding, workplace protocol, what you can and can’t sell, keeping your people motivated and working from home efficiently – and the list goes on. But one thing you can’t afford to leave off your long list of to do’s, is marketing. Without it you may as well close up shop now.

We also know budgets are tight so we’ve put some ideas together for you that we hope will help.


Make sure they know you’re open

This may sound obvious, but we’ve noticed how many people are asking brands online if they are open. With so much uncertainty about who is allowed to trade, people are confused. Put a notice on your website and make it clear that you’re open for business.


Tell them what’s changed

Don’t make them guess because it could lead to a poor customer experience. Facebook have added a feature for businesses to display temporary services. Use it to tell people that you’re now doing deliveries or offering online services. Update your bio on Instagram to include similar information.


Add a signup form

Consider adding a signup form your website and encourage people to use it to stay informed about how your business is operating during these unforeseen circumstances. Then send regular but relevant and important emails (but be careful not to bombard them). Don’t be tempted to use it to sell too often. Look for other reasons to communicate with them and err on being helpful.


Start selling online

Seriously consider what you’re able to sell online. It’s a wave that everyone is riding because people would prefer that you find a way to get your goods to them. And if you don’t you run the risk of them choosing your competitors instead. And it doesn’t have to be daunting. You can start with a few top sellers and build it from there. It’s something we love to do so if you’re ready to add this service we’d love to help.


Get a website

With people stuck at home Google has become their new best friend. See a website as your new shop window or front office. Again, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed if you’ve never had one before or if you haven’t looked at yours in 5 years! You can start with a simple landing page that will provide just enough information to convince them to get in touch with you. Just get it done quickly and then keep adding to it.


Be found on Google

You don’t have time to waste. Waiting for your organic rankings to improve, especially if your site is new, is going to take too long and there’s no guarantee you’ll get onto the first page. Google Ads work to deliver clicks and conversions so it’s worth investing in as soon as you can. We have a quick online form you can complete to get a quote. We’ll get you hooked chop chop.


Run campaigns on social media

If you’re open for business you want to make sure people know you are. With limited movement of people and less money to spend (many have taken salary cuts) there is less chance for impulsive buying. People are planning their shopping trips so make sure yours is on their list to visit. And with people spending more time on social media it’s a good place to put your brand in front of them. Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns work well to reach audiences that may have never considered you before. Use them to boost awareness, get clicks to your website or sell products online.


Give them a good reason to visit you

Use a special offer on a sought-after product as a ‘hook’ to get them in the door. Once they’re there make sure your salespeople are on top of their game to maximise the opportunity to upsell and cross sell other products.


Post on social media regularly

Sharing great content every day is what will get you more followers and reach. Make someone responsible for this or it won’t get done, or worse, it’ll be done badly. We say every day because it’s what the algorithm needs to keep showing your content to your fans. But there’s a proviso here…if it can’t be great every day, then don’t do it. In this case, less is more.


Write a helpful blog (like this one)

This a great way to share what you know with other. Don’t be afraid to give away your ‘secrets’ because they can find them online anyway – so rather let them hear from you. Once you’ve posted it on your website, use an email marketing campaign to direct people there. And if you have a database of your customer’s mobile numbers, create a broadcast list on WhatsApp and send them the link.

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