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5 ways to do smart marketing during COVID-19

During these challenging times it is important to keep your business top of mind, which is why we have some tips for you on how to do smart and responsible marketing during these challenging times.


Adjust your marketing campaigns and schedule content

It’s important to re-angle your marketing message towards the current times. For example, if your message is geared towards lead generation with the goal to make a sale, why not pivot it to instead speak about how you can help or support your clients during this time. It’s also important to stop campaigns that may not be relevant and focus on prioritizing content that is.


Evaluate your imagery and language

If your marketing message usually speaks about visiting your favourite gym, why not give it a twist and offer at home workouts during this time? It’s all about reframing your message and language.


Don’t capitalize on the crisis

Instead communicate the proactive measures you’ve put in place to ensure the safety of your staff and clients. This will make your target audience value your brand more and think of your brand as an empathic one.


Be positive, but not ignorant

In times like these make sure that your brand strategy is in line with your purpose, vision, mission and values to ensure your brand stays true to itself. We suggest being personable. Why not share the fun side of your brand and break the fear for just a moment? Remember, the more your show your human side, the more your audiences will feel connected to you.


Highlight how your brand can help

Tell stories and communicate how your brand’s offering can add value to your customers’ lives during this time. Communicate your benefits – does your product give people things to do at home? All brands hold a unique value, so why not turn that value into a marketing message even if it means not making a profit during this time. Remember, the quarantine won’t last forever so why not spend the time now getting to know your audience.

We understand that this challenge may be affecting your business. And we know that allocating budgets can be a tough decision right now. But we encourage you to be strategic with what you’re communicating during this time.

If you have any helpful advise you can share, please use the comments section below. Because together we can get through this!

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