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Should businesses continue marketing during the COVID-19 lockdown?

We’ve just heard from our president that our country is going into lockdown for 21 days. And there’s no denying that this is a scary concept because we all fear the unknown. But what we can’t do is panic. Especially those of us that are leaders in our business. Our teams are looking to us to help them navigate through these unchartered waters and we need to be giving them hope that we’re doing everything we can to protect their jobs. So with this in mind, we’ve put some thoughts down on what you can do to keep your business top of mind in your category, so that when this is all over (and it will be over) your brand will be stronger and remembered as one that provided hope, help and positivity in some of the darkest days our world faced.


Don’t disappear off the radar

This is your time to shine. Your customers are still your customers, even if they can’t buy from you right now. They will get tired of hearing about COVID-19 whenever they switch on the TV, radio or scroll through their social feeds. Make sure your brand is there to provide some welcome relief in the form of a change of topic or a light-hearted (but mindful) thought.


Change your message

It’s not ‘business as usual’ so don’t try and pretend it is. Be real and authentic – no one expects businesses to have all the answers, but they do want to know that you’re willing to help. If you’re a venue that provides entertainment for kids, then help parents with ideas on how to entertain them at home. Chances are they’ll pay you a visit as soon as the lockdown is over because you were there when they needed help!


Stop selling and start helping

Brands that continue trying to sell in the same way they did last week (or even yesterday) will be seen as disengaged as to what is going on around us. If you are in the position to still sell, then obviously you need to do that. Just be mindful with the words you use so that you don’t offend or persuade people to buy what is not necessary right now.


Be available

People are unsure and they have questions. So make sure you’re monitoring your social media and digital channels so that you respond quickly.


Use technology

We’ve all quickly learnt that technology is our friend and can be our saving grace in times like this. Use a Knowledge Management System to adapt how you deliver your service or product. We’re seeing teachers use technology to continue teaching academics, music and dance – business is no different. You can still have that client meeting, team brainstorm or gym session by using digital platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook Groups & GoToMeeting.

We’re not oblivious to the real economic challenges we’re all facing and this blog is not meant to make light of this lockdown situation. All we’re saying is that be careful to stop marketing in a time when your brand needs all the exposure it can get, so that it has the best opportunity to weather the storm and emerge stronger.

If you have any helpful advice you can share please use the comments section below. Because together we can get through this!

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