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To help grow businesses that have a genuine motive to improve the world we live in.



BrandHeart is a Durban based marketing agency that helps brands generate leads, build brand awareness, grow online sales and build customer loyalty.


what we do

we get you


And it goes without saying that you only need to be noticed by the people that can benefit from what you have. The rest is wastage – and we hate waste. Who you want to reach and how much money you’re prepared to invest will always influence what we recommend.

we help you


Whether it’s online, in a store or a B2B service – we can help. We may not be employed as sales staff, but we take our job of marketing and growing your brand very seriously.

we help people understand why

they should choose you.

We’re going to ask you some tough questions. But don’t be afraid – it’s only because we need to make sure that every Rand spent on advertising communicates the right message. We think like your customers so we’ll challenge you – just like they will.

we make you

look great.

Along with saying the right things, comes looking your best. Please don’t be offended if we gently tell you that your logo need updating, or your website is chasing people away. Remember the win-win mentioned earlier? Everything we do needs to achieve your end goal, and if shabby design is getting in the way then we need to fix it.

how we do it

It all starts with understanding your business and what you’re selling to whom. We’ve worked with many industries, both B2B and B2C so we understand there’s no ‘one size fits all’ model. We’ll select the right combination of platforms and mediums to suit your budget and business goals.

We carefully consider who we work with and then help them better understand who their brands serve, so that products/services end up in the hands of the people they were created for.

is your digital strategy

working hard enough

for you?

An hour with us will help you uncover hidden opportunities and potential pitfalls in your marketing strategy. Get actionable recommendations in line with your time and budget.

what we believe about


Marketing is often given a bad rap because brands try too hard to sell to anyone that is willing to buy. If marketing is done properly it should help people choose brands that are best suited to their needs, pocket and taste. Your marketing team needs to understand your ideal customer so well that the advertising they create makes it easy for people to know if your brand is the right choice for them. If brands truly understand who they serve they will sell to the right people and create brand ambassadors that will bring you more of the right customers. 

Marketing creates opportunities for brands to sell, it doesn’t guarantee a sale.

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our work.

Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the work we’re proud of.

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We share real digital insights through our own learning and discoveries.