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How to adjust your marketing strategy whilst your doors are closed

During these testing times, we are dealing with an array of clients in various industries who are unsure on how to keep their business on track and stay connected with their customers whilst their doors are temporarily closed. We have a solution for you to advertise effectively to your current and prospective customers, even if you can’t sell to them during this time.


Online is the most effective way to reach and connect with your audiences in times like these, and with most online platforms being free, there are no costs involved to stay virtually connected.


Retail industries, why not move towards online purchases. Some of our most favorite online platforms today like Facebook, Instagram and other e-commerce partners like Shopify are offering an easy to use, safe experience for your customers whilst shopping their favorite brands.


Restaurants, have you considered integrating online orders into your new business routine? This way you can sell what you would usually sell and much more! Why not even introduce gift cards or discounts to secure a steady flow of customers into your restaurant once this is all over.


Are you a professional service, offering repair services, health and beauty and so much more? Start by integrating online consultations and tutorials for your customers viewing. There are many famous brands that have adapted this approach during this time, like Virgin Active offering free virtual classes. There are so many ways you can work through this time, so make the most of the time you have now to integrate these easy solutions that may increase your profits in the long run.


Do you rely on people attending events as your source of income, whether it be music, film, recreational or sporting, we’re here to try and help you in every way we can? Engage with your following and keep them updated about re-scheduling of events or important information they may need to know. South Africans are a social society, which is why it is important that you stay top of mind with them so that you don’t lose their loyalty. Splashy Fen was a good example of this with acting quickly to avoid a negative reputation or brand loyalty from their loyal festival-goers. Don’t stress if you haven’t yet communicated with your following, why not strategize a plan now to do just that? Read our 10 ways on how to market your business effectively

It is also vitally important to stay connected with your customers during this time, by answering any questions they may have, sharing interesting updates and tips on how to make their lives easier during this time, think about ways your business can offer assistance! It doesn’t have to be anything big; it could just be sharing one of your favorite recipes or cooking tips.

Don’t wait for this to all be over to make an action, because it may be too late by then.

It’s all about finding a new way of doing things.

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