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New Facebook feature to benefit small businesses

On Wednesday 20 May 2020, Facebook introduced a new quick and easy innovative way for small businesses to sell online for free, without an e-commerce store. Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Shops as an initiative to assist small businesses in moving online and adopt this new feature as a ‘primary way of doing business’.

Facebook shop is currently being trialed in the US and will hopefully be moving into international markets later on in the year. Likewise, with an e-commerce store, Facebook shops allows businesses to offer a catalogue of products and services as well as customize the aesthetic appeal through customizable cover images and accent colours to convey your brand identity throughout and ensure brand consistency throughout all your communications and offerings.

Facebook shops has integrated an array of features to give online shopping a personable approach, through introducing: 


Augmented reality. One of the biggest worries of purchasing online is worrying that the clothing item will not suite you or that the new table you have purchased won’t match the colours or style in your home. With augmented reality, visitors can try on clothing and test out furniture in their home first, before making their purchase – Almost guaranteeing a ‘return free’ purchase. 


Personalized messaging. Your customers will be able to message you for instant assistance on Whatsapp, messenger or Instagram direct to speak to a ‘real life person’ for advice – Your customers will love this! 


Loyalty rewards program. Who doesn’t like getting rewarded for buying from their favourite brand – Instant satisfaction & brand loyalty! With Facebook shops you will be able to earn points and spend them as you wish on your next favourite item you’ve been eyeing out. 

Facebook has not only introduced features that are beneficial to the shopper, but to the brand as well through partnering with third party sites like Shopify, Woo, BigCommerce and so many more to offer the brand the same benefits they would render from an e-commerce site, like inventory tracking and managing products. 

Just like creating an ad on Facebook and targeting specific audiences, Facebook have integrated this into Shops to sell specific products directly to a targeted audience. For example, if you sell both male and female clothing, Facebook will be able to showcase specific products and services of interest to the user and push them to be displayed when visiting your virtual shop. 

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Let’s hope this is introduced in South Africa sooner than later so we can start introducing this exciting new feature to you and speak about how it can help your brand. 

Interested in moving your business online, let us help customize the best fit solution for your company. 

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