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Taking press releases online

PR in the form of a traditional press release published in hard copy magazines are still a great way to promote your brand.

They give you good exposure and can be just what you need to put you on the map – and at very little cost. But why are so many businesses stopping there? The digital age has given us so many more opportunities to extend the life of the press release and if written properly can have far reaching results. Most publications have an online presence but don’t think that because you’ve sent something to the magazine editor that it’ll automatically get into the hands of the website content manager, you’re sorely mistaken.

Having a content distribution strategy for online and ‘offline’ publications is what will deliver the results for all the effort put into writing your articles. Online content managers are always hungry for new articles because a big part of their job is about SEO on the website – apart from producing great articles that their readers will keep coming back for.

So next time you’re writing press releases look for online opportunities and start building relationships with the right people. Trust me you won’t be sorry!