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How to include YouTube in your search engine strategy

We all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but did you know that YouTube is the second? More people are using this platform to search and brands worldwide are starting to respond to this trend. The truth is some people would rather watch a video about what you do or sell than read about it on your website. The question is – will they find you on the right search engine? And if they do, will they be impressed enough to contact you or buy your product?

YouTube, is known for the millions of amateur videos about absolutely anything, that anyone can upload. But there’s a certain expectation when a professional company posts a video because we know they’re there for commercial gain. Now we’re not saying you need to produce high budget TV commercials, in fact it’s the exact opposite. The material needs to be authentic if it’s going to be believed, so hand-held cameras are still the order of the day, however, some creativity still comes into play if you want to encourage lots of views and have any chance of it going viral.

Professionals in the advertising industry are having to adapt as well. Photographers, like Patrick Royal, are honing their video skills to offer clients what they need more of. And we’re having lots of fun along the way! Some of us have had to brush up on our acting skills to get the job done – as I experienced on the Hertz shoot recently!

Watch one of our videos below