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5 great ways to use Facebook timeline for pages

Facebook timeline has arrived, whether you hate it or love it! Some of us hate changes so we may choose to ignore it and continue as usual. But the truth is, you’d be missing out.

new features & improvements


The profile image has changed to a  banner that spreads across the top of the page – 851 x 315 pixels. Now you have more opportunity to tell people what you’re all about at a glance. But be careful not to include a call-to-action like a discount or competition because Facebook are very wary about turning it into a promotional banner which is a turnoff in social media.


The About us section is now easily visible below the cover. It includes your standard profile picture, name, your total Likes and the number of “people talking about this”. It also displays a short description or an address and contact info. Users can click through the About link to unfold a map and view other basic info. Don’t forget to fill out a short, punchy description of your brand’s identity.


Customers can now send you direct, private messages. Unfortunately you can’t initiate them but can only respond to users that have already sent you a message. It does however open up a new customer channel where you can discuss sensitive or confidential issues without them being publicly visible.


Pinned posts are a great way to ensure important updates remain at the top of your page. This works really well if you’re running a campaign or special offer and want to make sure it’s seen when people land on your page. Once pinned they can remain there up to 7 days. You also have the option to ‘highlight’ a post which stretches it across the full width of the page.


Brands also now have the opportunity to add milestones to their timeline to give a full picture of when the company was started, when new stores where opened, products launched and anything else that positively reflects the brand’s history.

That is just 5 of the many great new Facebook features, but if you’d like the full picture, why not watch the Facebook Timeline Tutorial, on how to customize for your page.

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