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How to generate quality leads on LinkedIn


We’ve had some real wins on LinkedIn recently using their Lead Gen Forms so thought we’d share some of our first-hand experience. It’s helped both our clients and ourselves to generate quality leads – although small disclaimer – nothing is foolproof, so even though the targeting and message is really clear you’ll still get ‘those people’ that will fill out the form for something you’re not offering. But for the amount of success we have had, these campaigns are still really worth trying.

A Lead Gen Form can be used in Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content campaigns. It’s a clever little form that pre captures the information you need to respond to a lead – making it super easy for a potential customer to respond to a call to action you’ve promoted.

Here are 2 examples of how it’s worked for us:

We launched an InMail Lead Gen campaign for a client in the personal safety industry and spent R4800 in the first month and they received 93 leads.

We’ve also used it in our own marketing strategy and have spent R3702.94 and received 14 high-quality leads over 3 months. We use it in combination with our Google AdWords campaign and it’s working really well to generate leads for different services.

So it works like this


Set up your personal and company pages correctly

You need to make sure your personal profile and company page is well written with a clear goal that drives action. There’s a formula we use that really works but more about that another time. Once these pages are optimized as sales pages you have a far better opportunity to convert interested people to leads.


Crafting the message

How the content or InMail is written is the real key to success. Once you’ve identified exactly who you want to target it’s important to identify and appeal to their ‘pain points’ as quickly as possible so that they are drawn into the content.


Target the right people

Of course, the gold in LinkedIn is the ability to target people by selecting job titles & roles, the industry, size of the company, geographic location and a whole lot more. This allows you to craft your message so that it speaks relevantly to the recipient. There really is no reason for anyone to feel ‘spammed’ if the content in their newsfeed or Inbox feels like it’s been created just for them.


Design a banner

A banner ad that sits alongside the InMail message helps to reinforce the brand and drive home the message. It also means that if the person is not ready to respond to the call to action they can click on the banner and be directed to your website instead. So you’re really just giving them options and at the same time keeping them engaged for longer. Think about where you send them if they click on the banner and make sure you connect the message to what they see on the website or landing page. Have a form on this page so that if it convinces them that you have what they need, it’s easy for them to still get in touch.


Check your leads every day

 LinkedIn will collect your leads and store them in your ad campaign but it’s up to you to check it each day and them make contact with the interested people. It sounds obvious but unless someone has been given this job all your hard work could be wasted!

I hope this helps you understand how you can use the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for your business. But if you’d prefer an expert to help, we’re ready to step in and show you how.