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How Google Custom Intent Ads boost online sales and enquiries

Have you ever searched for something online only to have that same ad follow you to different websites? They look something like this…   


 These ads are what we call in the ‘biz’ as “Google Custom Intent Ads”.   

 Custom Intent Ads are derived through a compelling visual imagery accompanied by a persuasive message.  

 Google’s Custom Intent Ads allows you to reach targeted audiences for your business based on their specific keyword history typed into Google.  This type of campaign is a great way to drive qualitative click traffic to your website because it achieves two core objectives – brand awareness and lead generation.  

 Herein, lies opportunities for businesses of all sizes to build a strategic campaign around specific search terms that directly relates to your product or services.     

 As an agency, we truly love this ad strategy as it not only allows greater control of ad placement but also promotes a wider intent-based customer reach that delivers significant return on ad spend at a fraction of the cost, compared to other Google ad formats.   


Does Google Custom Intent Ads really work?

We’ve had some real wins with this strategy and here are 3 recent examples. 


In the first month of launching Google Custom Intent Ads for a well-known cleaning service company in Durban, online leads grew by 51.04%.    


Another client in the personal safety equipment industry grew online leads by 123.52% in the last 6 months (1 January – 31 July 2019) when compared to the same period last year. 


And our favourite example is our e-commerce client which grew online sales by 632% on the first day of running Google Custom Intent Ads. Needless to the say the client is now investing more into these campaigns because they are loving the results!

We found that new users who clicked the custom intent ads spent more time browsing the website than the average user. As you know, the more time a customer spends browsing your website the greater the likelihood of converting clicks into sales or enquiries (not to mention how that helps with SEO).  

The short and long term value of this new ad format allows more flexibility for marketers to advertise virtually to any customer across businesses of all sizes with greater accuracy. 

 Are you ready to test Google Custom Intent Ads with your business?  

Save time and money and get a certified Google specialist (like us) to set it up for you.