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Marketing Training Workshops for Small Business

Marketing training workshops


After successfully completing our first 3-month marketing workshops we’ve decided to rerun the program so that more business owners and marketing personnel can learn how to market more successfully.

Practical, hands-on marketing training for entrepreneurs & SMME’S

You’ve taken the bold step to ‘be your own boss’ and you’re doing what you love. But you’re struggling to get the word out there and attract new clients. Your business is at the stage where you need to do more marketing, but you’re not sure what to do or where to turn for advice.

Our training program will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take your business to the next level. It’s practical, intimate and you’ll learn, share and grow with fellow business owners that struggle with the same things you do.


In the first 3 months you’ll learn:

  • 7 Steps to building your brand and generating leads
  • Working out your ‘Why’
  • Identity audit
  • Developing the right communication messages
  • Keys to a great website
  • Understanding basics of digital marketing channels
  • How to set up and run your own Google AdWords campaigns
  • How to write a social media strategy


The next 3-month course starts on 7th June 2018 and consists of 2 x 2-hour workshops per month.

Keen to know more about our marketing training? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch.