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7 easy ways to get more people to download your app

Mobile app downloads

Mobile apps are extremely effective and offer great marketing opportunities for small business. But they only work if customers have downloaded them. Whenever we build a new app for a customer, we give them a list of tips of how to get the most out of their app. But like anything, we all need reminding -so here are 7 things you can do to encourage more downloads.


Ask existing customers to download the app

Customers that already love you are most likely to download the app. Tell them how they will benefit (special offers, first to hear about promotions or events, updates on your menu, etc.) and they’ll have no reason not to. You can tell them face to face when they visit or drop them an email or text message with links to the app on Google Play or Apple App Store.


Make sure your staff are promoting the app to customers

Remind staff at your meetings to remind customers about the app and ask if they’ve downloaded it yet. Make sure they understand the benefits so they can communicate them well.


Encourage customers and staff to share the app on social media

neo cafe appOne of the great features of the mobile app is the incentivised referral program. You can use this to reward customers that recommend your app to a certain number of people. It’s super simple for them to share the app via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter using the share button. The message, email or social post will include a link to your app, making it easy for them to download it. If they share on social media it will pull through an image of your app which also helps build brand awareness. Let your happy customers tell their friends about you and reward them at the same time – it’s a win-win!


Use your short link to promote the app online

Your app has a custom short link which you’ll find on the home page in your client portal. Use this short link on your email footers, sms messaging, blog posts and social media.


Use the pre-generated marketing materials

When your app is developed, we design a poster with an image of your app and the custom QR code that customers can use to scan to get directly to the app on the App Stores. Print the poster and put it up in strategic places around your business (the back of a toilet door also works!).


Create your own marketing material

The options are endless. We’ve seen clients advertising the app on table cards, menu’s, brochures, price lists, newsletters and at point of sale. This also gives you the opportunity to explain some of the features and benefits of the app – giving customers even more reason to download it.


Make sure customers are using the loyalty program

If you have opted in for this feature then it’s a great way to get downloads and repeat usage of the app. Customers prefer the convenience of a loyalty card on their phone rather than a loose card in their wallet.

A final reminder that the success of your app is completely dependent on how many people have downloaded it on their mobile device. So follow our 7 tips and make sure all your marketing efforts are resulting in more business!

If you have any other suggestions of how you’ve encouraged downloads of your apps, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’re interested in finding out more about our mobile apps, you can email us or take a look at them here.