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7 Reasons why small businesses need mobile apps

mobile apps small businessIf you run a small business you’ll know how important it is to stay ahead of your competition and keep your brand top of your customers’ minds. Mobile apps can go a long way to achieving the most important aspects of growing a small business. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why our mobile apps can help small businesses like yours.


Mobile Apps make you visible to customers all the time

People use their mobile phones all day, everyday. Can you think of a better place to put your logo in front of your customer? Not only are you making your brand visible to your target audience, you’re making it easy for them to choose you when they need you.


Our Mobile Apps are the most affordable, direct and effective marketing tool available

Mobile apps can have many features and functions however we would argue that the biggest benefit for a small business with a mobile app is the direct marketing link it creates between you and your customer. Once someone has downloaded your app, you’re able to market to them at no cost to you – what other marketing channel offers that? Not only are you saving money, but your messaging is highly targeted to people that want to hear from you!


Mobile Apps build customer loyalty

We’ve replaced the conventional loyalty stamp card with a digital card on the app so no more annoying cards that clog up your customer’s wallets or get lost. Because it uses QR code technology it’s simple to scan at the time of paying and the reward vouchers are stored on the customer’s phone. Combine this with push notifications reminding people to redeem their rewards and you’ll have them coming back over and over.


Stand out from the competition with a mobile app

Many small businesses fail in their early years because of their inability to differentiate themselves from the plethora of competition doing the same thing. Although many businesses have adopted the use of mobile apps it’s still largely unachievable for small businesses because of the high cost. That’s not the case with our mobile apps, so this is your opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors!


Mobile apps build brand recognition awareness

Unlike brands with big marketing budgets that can splash their brand all over town, small businesses find it difficult to build awareness and brand recognition because of their limited exposure. Creating a beautifully designed app showing off your products and services reinforces who you are and what you do – add some cool features and you give customers reasons to continue doing business with you.


Improve customer engagements

Whether you’re sending your customers relevant push notifications or they’re making online reservations using the mobile app, you’re creating opportunities for your customers to engage with you. Well-designed mobile apps make it easy for customers to ask questions or make contact with you.


Cut down on advertising wastage

We’re not implying that when you have a mobile app you don’t need to advertise anymore because as professionals offering a range of marketing services we understand that creating many touch points for your brand is important and different mediums play different roles. However, we understand that small businesses can’t afford to waste money on advertising they can’t measure and mobile apps provide you with that measure. You also have peace of mind that any marketing you do through your app is being received by the right people.

So, if after reading this we’ve managed to convince you that a mobile app for your small business is a worthwhile investment, then we’d love to hear from you. You can also take a look below at some of the mobile apps we’ve created so you experience them first hand. Clicking on them will take you to a landing page with links to the Google Play and Apple App Store.