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Why you needed Google Analytics Yesterday Already

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tracking tool that gathers information from your website and reports the traffic and visitor behaviour. Google Analytics tracks each visit your website, and reports on where they are coming from (geographic and referral source), the device they’re using, their behaviour and so much more.

Top 7 Benefits of Google Analytics


Measures your website performance

Google Analytics assists in many ways, such as:

  • Finding the best channels, to drive the most traffic to your website;
  • Assists in finding out how your website sessions are trending throughout the month;
  • Discovers the average time visitors spend on the site more and which pages are drawing in or deterring visitors specifically;
  • Find out how many of your visitors bounce (leave a page without taking any action); and
  • Gives insights as to how your website converts visitors to leads.


Tracks if your marketing efforts are effective

The more data you have, the better equipped you are to make decisions about your content marketing strategy as well as your next campaign. By setting up goals you’re not just tracking the leads, you’re tracking a path of customization for future campaigns.


Content and product-specific

Tells you which type of content and products should appear on your website based on your audience’s interests.


Segments your audience

Based on age, gender, geographic location, interests, device and so much more. The five types of custom segments – Demographics, Technology, Behaviour, Date of First Visit and Traffic Sources, assists in analysing the data more in-depth so you can direct your campaign to the right audience.


Optimise website pages to boost conversions

Optimising your website is key to delivering quality leads. This helps the visitor have a smooth journey throughout the website while gaining their trust. Google analytics shows us important information such as entrance pages, exit pages, bounce rate and so much more.


Shows you where you rank in search engines

Are you on the first page of Google or the seventh, it is important to know this, as you can then work on your SEO. Google analytics is a great tool to find out how your website and keywords rank on Google. Using channel grouping you can identify if your organic and direct traffic is ranking high on google. The keyword data is really important as you can analyse this and find out which keywords your audience is searching for making sure you use them in your meta title and descriptions of your website.


Learn about keywords

Know which search terms or keywords attract your audiences and use them an appropriate amount of times on your site.

Needing assistance in setting up Google Analytics on your website? Get in touch, we love helping our clients gather valuable data to assist them in achieve their branding goals.

Needing help with setting up your Google Analytics?