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Why you need a chatbot on your website

A chatbot (also known as a live chat) on your website is a great way to simulate real-life conversations and provide instant customer support, as well as enhancing user experience.

A chatbot renders a magnitude of benefits, such as continuously collecting customer data, which enables you to learn more about your audiences behaviour patterns, language, as well as their preferences, problems, and expectations. Majority of online audiences today, prefer a more human-centric brand, which is why integrating a chatbot into your online communications is key!

Think about the amount of times you’ve been on a website and all you want to do is ask one simple question, but you don’t want to have to wait for an email response which could take hours or even days. With a chatbot, communication is instant – what better way to bring in potential leads than through this innovative technology.

Benefits of having a chatbot on your website


Quick, Instant customer support

Living in a fast based, technology driven society, customers have become expectant of brands to receive feedback instantly. Statistics have shown that an average customer expects a brand to provide feedback within 24 hours, otherwise a negative perception of the brand is formed. A chat bots is ideal for the modern day company as it provides real-time assistance irrespective of your customers time availability, location or device. No matter whether your business operates nationally or internationally, a chat bot is designed to enhance the user experience on your website without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Statistics have shown that audiences are more responsive to human centric brands than product or service centric brands, due to their natural and more friendly approach, allowing the customer to feel comfortable with the brand and therefore buiding customer-brand relationships. A chat bot is great for this, as it can share images, blog posts, product page information and can even be automated to respond to specific questions that the user may have. According to an online article, statistics have shown that 63% of customers often prefer chatting to a chatbot then a person as the conversation is quicker, more pleasant and they get the required response without having to wait.


Gaining customer data

Chat bots are not only great for online communications with your potential customers, but act as a great way for collecting information pertaining to your audiences, often gathering personal information (name, contact number, email address) and other useful information that your company can use in its marketing efforts. A chat bot can provide both basic and personalised assistance to your online audiences, its all dependent on the best setup strategy to achieve your business goals.

Another useful marketing tool, is email marketing. Whilst collecting personal information through a chatbot is great on its own, you can furthermore grow your database to communicate with broader audience’s. The benefits of a chatbot is endless.


Increased user engagement

It’s great having a digital marketing strategy, however the final point where the user ends up needs to be as well planned as the strategy itself. Have you thought about how your website can bring in sales, once someone has clicked on a link in an ad that’s lead them to your website? User engagement is important! A great example of a chat bot that encompasses the element of user engagement is Nike. Nike’s chatbot assists’ customers in creating a unique shoe design, enhancing the customers creativeness whilst also potentially increasing Nikes sales, through this personalised approach. It’s all about the customer journey!


What am I in for?

Due to the introduction of applications such as hub spot, chat bots have become an easily accessible powerful tool that can be use in addition to your online sales and marketing teams, thereby potentially gaining more leads through your existing marketing campaigns, eliminating the sales team on the roads cold calling. We’re not saying that a chatbot can replace a sales team, however when you look at your marketing strategies if you create a holistic omni-channel marketing strategy, taking into consideration the customer journey, you may be able to bring in more leads through integrating this kind of tool, along with many others. A chatbot that’s the customers through different stages of the sales funnel, from the acquisition to conversion.

A chat bot offered by hub spot for example, is free! Yes, if you want additional add on’s then the price will increase, however, if you want a simplistic chat system integrated onto your website – Hubspot is a great place to start.

See our chatbot on our website, just click on the little chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and ask away. Interested in getting your very own personalised chatbot for your companies website or e-commerce store? Let us help you in making that a reality.

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