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Top tips for a successful landing page

A landing page is a standalone web page that is linked to your website but created for a specific purpose. Unlike other pages on your website, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action. The goals can vary from building a database to generating enquiries or encouraging people to sign up for a course or free trial.

In this blog we share our top design tips to ensure your landing page encourages the behaviour you want.

Landing page best design tips


No navigation – You want to keep them on the page until they fill out the form so less distractions to click away is best. Remove website headers and footers from the page. 


Clear headline – Make it concise and clear so visitors quickly understand what you’re offering or selling. It needs to communicate the benefit to them so they are keep reading. If it’s complex and confusing (avoid jargon) they will leave quickly.


Include an offer – Use a sub header to communicate the offer. Try and give them something for free or a value added service if they fill in the form. This really helps to convert the visitor into a lead. Make it simple and clear.


Form above the fold – Include a form above the fold next to the headline and offer. This makes it easy for them to share their details without having to scroll.


Fields in form – Be careful to balance the customer experience with the data you want to collect. Visitors want to give you as little information as possible so don’t scare them with a long form. The less they have to fill in the more leads you’ll get, but too little also can result in low quality leads – so be careful to balance it and tweak it if you start running the campaign.


Clear image – Choose a simple image or graphic that also communicates the offer. Keep the background clear so the text can be easily read. Is there is too much going on the image it will detract from the headline and offer.


Privacy policy – Make sure you tell them that you aren’t going to share their information with anyone. People are scared to share their personal information so put this text just below the button in the form to reassure them.


Button copy – Include compelling copy on the button that will encourage them to click. Don’t use text like ‘submit’ – no one likes to submit to anything. Let it reinforce what they will get by clicking the button, eg. Get 10% off / Send my voucher. 


Keep it short – This is not a website – the idea is to get them to fill in the form so you only need to share just enough information for them to understand the benefits of the product or service. Include a short explanatory video if possible.


Social proof – Nothing is better than hearing from others what their experience has been. Include testimonials, number of downloads, social media or Google reviews.

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