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E-commerce, the way forward

It can’t be ignored – as noted in numerous journals, public reviews and publications (as well as our recent blogs), the future of most business is e-commerce. It’s a powerful tool whether your focus is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). We’ve done our research to provide you with an introduction into the online world and guide you every step of the way.

It is important to start simple and small, with a goal in mind – you need to know why it is imperative for your business to be online. Is it to increase more sales than at your bricks and mortar store? Or to simply offer your clients an easier, safer way to shop? With many e-commerce platforms available it can often be overwhelming, as all of those websites are usually offering customers great deals through websites like Raise. Which is why we suggest you partner with a company who is experienced and will recommend the right one for you.

Just like you need tools for your business to operate effectively offline, your e-commerce store needs a sound backend system that can control and track every action that is taken on your site. From tracking customer information to inventory, billing and shipping. It’s all about finding the right e-commerce provider for your business.

Creating a smooth e-commerce experience for both you and your customer is vitally important to ensure business survival. It is important to optimise your e-commerce experience to ensure your client is getting what they want. Think about when you walk into a furniture store, what is the first thing that catches your attention? Is it the comfortable couch, beautiful oak table or the friendly informative staff? Your e-commerce website should be no different, offering ultimate functionality and meeting the customer’s needs.

Once of the biggest advantages to moving online is the integration of advertising platforms to ensure ultimate success of your e-commerce store. There are many ways to market your online store and remarketing campaigns is one of our favourites. When customers visit your online store, you can retarget them with product ads on social media or the Google Display Network. This keeps your product top of mind, generates brand awareness and stimulates a purchase intent in the consumers mind.

We hope we’ve helped convince you that e-commerce is the way forward. There really is no business that would not benefit from the advantages of moving their business online. Interested in taking advantage of the opportunities that online offers?

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