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The essential guide to marketing with social media

With many online platforms at our fingertips, communicating with customers is easier than ever before.  And with so many targeting options available on social media you can craft your message so that it’s relevant to the recipient.

How often should I post on social media?

The number of times you schedule or publish content weekly is all dependent on your business goals. If your goal is to generate brand awareness, it would be advisable to post regularly to keep your audience updated on your brands activities and offerings available to them. Think about when you’re promoting a new exciting product to your audience, you post often with the intent to generate awareness or make a sale. Just like this example, your communications should be constant, and should not only occur when you’ve ‘got something exciting to share’. Engaging with your audience on a regular basis is important to grow your following and create conversations that may turn into conversions, this can be done through various options.


Organic reach – This means, its free! Anyone can post onto Facebook or Instagram, but the key is to reaching your target audience, which may not be as effective through organic reach; which is why we recommend paid advertising to our clients. This does not have to be done to all your content, some may be a stand-alone post with no further purpose than to get a certain message across, however – those brand or product specific posts may perform better if boosted. In this instance, we highly recommend paid reach. 


Paid reach – Once you have tested and tried organic reach, you may want to expand and help grow your business through boosting your social content or other types of page promotions. This simply means, taking your organic content and allocating a budget towards it (of your choice, but we do advise our clients), to ensure it reaches a broader more selective target audience who are interested in your product or service. 

Expanding your reach to paid can help grow your business in 4 ways: 


Increase your page following;  


Market your products and services to a selected target audience;  


Drive customers to your e-commerce or bricks and mortar store; and 


Drive quality traffic to your website with the objective of generating a lead. 

Organic content is free to post (although it does take time to produce), so post as much quality content that is relevant to your business. But when you want to expand your audience and reach new potential customers, advertising with even a modest budget can go a long way to reaching your business goals. 


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