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Know how to handle an Abandoned Cart

Do you own an online e-commerce store, and want to increase sales. Have you heard of an abandoned cart? An abandoned cart is a term used when referring to a website visitor who leaves your online shop before completing the checkout process.

Did you know that there is a way of targeting these individuals and reminding them that they didn’t quite complete their purchase? Have you ever browsed an online shop, added a few items to your cart, and soon realised, you weren’t quite ready to make the purchase. But soon after you received an email in your inbox reminding you that you hadn’t completed the purchase? This is an abandoned cart and can be an extremely successful addition to your marketing. And the best part? It’s fully automated.

Tips to reducing the amount of Abandoned carts

As much as an abandoned cart is a great way of communicating with those audiences, who didn’t complete their purchase, it shouldn’t be the reason you don’t assess your website to understand why they may be abandoning their cart. When designing any website, it should be designed with optimal user experience in mind and it needs to be mobile-friendly.


Improve your checkout process

Ask the straight forward information that you need, don’t make the checkout process long – Remember the reason audiences use e-commerce is for the convenience. 


Offer a variety of payment methods

If you can, offer more than one payment method. There are so many options nowadays like PayFast, Zapper, Apple Pay and so many more.


Give customers confidence

E-commerce has become a huge trend this year, with lockdown forcing many to move online. However, some still have the fear of purchasing online, so your buyer needs to know that their information and especially their credit card details are safe. Have a privacy policy on your website, make sure your website is safe and secure and ensure relevant contact information or a live chat is available.


Be quick

Ensure your website speed is quick! Google’s page speed test is a great platform to ensure your website is attracting and not detracting visitors.


Multiple sign-up options

Nowadays when creating accounts, it gives the user the option to sign up with their Social media platforms like, Google, Twitter or Facebook account. Ensuring easy sign-up process. So think about including this option to make it easier for your potential buyer to fill in their information, making it easier to gather personal information to add to your database (giving you the option to communicate with them more regularly through email campaigns).

We just love Vans abandoned cart email example – They not only informing the buyer of the items left in their cart but are also using the abandoned cart to their advantage by showing other options on sell as well.

Interested in setting up an Abandoned cart for your e-commerce store, then Get in touch, we’d love to help your brand reach those audiences who just needed some extra persuasion in making that purchase.

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