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How do blogs fit into your content marketing strategy?


Blogging has become such a popular trend for both businesses and individuals but we often get asked questions like, ‘So what’s the point?’ and ‘How can blogging help me generate income?’ In this blog post we’ll unpack how blogs can fit into your online content marketing strategy and ultimately increase your revenue.

Blogs are great for SEO

Firstly, blogs are great for SEO because they give you the opportunity to be ranked for keywords that are difficult to build into your product or service pages on your website. This specifically applies to long-tail keywords where people are looking for answers or doing research about something specific. We often do keyword research to help decide on our blog themes because we want to make sure we’re blogging about things people are interested in. For example, when Google recently introduced their new mobile friendly alogrithm and people were suddenly nervous about their mobile search rankings dropping, we wrote a blog with great mobile friendly design tips to give your site the thumbs up by Google.

Blogs give you credibility

Well written, relevant blogs show a brands expertise in their industry or product field so helps to build credibility. You can say so much more in a blog post than you can on a product or service page of your website because you’re able to write about specific issues or provide helpful advice that perhaps can’t be covered elsewhere. Your posts should prove that you know your topic so make sure they’re factually correct and include interesting and helpful information.

Blogs turn dull into interesting

Blogs allow you to tackle a subject from many different angles so even a boring topic like ‘security’ can suddenly become interesting and helpful. The Trellidor blog is a good example of this. Blogs have the ability to turn dry subjects into interesting topics because of the more conversational manner they are usually written in.

Blogs give your brand a personality

Blogging humanises a brand so people are able to connect with it better. If your brand is in a field where there is little competitive advantage, a blog is a great way to give it a personality and engage with consumers, giving them more reason to want to do business with you.  It’s a good idea to write down the adjectives that describe your brand’s personality so that your tone is consistent. People ultimately buy from people so make sure you connect with customers through your posts.

Blogs connect you with your audience

Blogs help people engage with brands because they’re offered the opportunity to share their opinion. If you allow people to pass comments (and you should)  make sure you respond where necessary or the brand will come across as disinterested. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ when someone passes you a compliment!

Blogs help your social media strategy

Blog posts provide content for social media platforms. We know that people scan their social newsfeeds so long, lengthy posts don’t always work. It’s better to keep it short and then let them link to the full story which is carried in the blog post. This is a great way to keep your fans engaged for longer because you get them off the social network and into your brand’s space where you have the opportunity to show off what you do.

There are so many more ways that  blogs can fit into your content marketing strategy so we’ll definitely cover more on this topic in the future. But for now we hope we’ve helped to convince you that taking the time to build blogging into your content marketing strategy is worthwhile!