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8 tips to drive a successful email campaign

Successful email campaigns

Email marketing is favoured by many marketers today as it’s an efficient and cost effective way to directly reach current and potential clients, without having to spend a fortune. You’re also able to accurately analyse the effectiveness of the campaigns that you send, allowing you to make adjustments to future campaigns and ensuring you’re providing valuable information to your audience that they’re actually interested in.

Top 8 tips to help you build successful email campaigns


Incorporate a clever design into your email campaign

Creatively design your email campaigns to be eye-catching, to draw the person in. Don’t make them too long or too busy, as it’ll discourage the reader to continue. Incorporate striking visuals and ensure that the text is scannable, as opposed to being very content heavy. And most importantly include call to actions to encourage the user to click and further engage with your brand.


Drive more engagement in your email campaign with relevant content

Supply your audience with valuable information, which they’ll look forward to receiving. Emailers are an opportunity to send out more than just promotional content, it’s an opportunity to connect with your audience. So use these campaigns to tailor the message that you would like your audience to hear. If possible consider segmenting your email database and send content that is tailored to the reader’s interests and actions, this will increase your chance of engagement.


Make sure the graphics in your email campaign are eye-catching

Always include striking graphics into your email campaigns. People don’t have the time to spend hours reading text heavy emails, so incorporate images that will grab their attention with short snippets of information – infographics are great and widely used to dissect lots of information (and they’re interesting to look at). If you can, incorporate bullet points to make the email easily scanned. This gives your potential client the ability to spot what you’re offering and decide if it interests them enough to keep reading.


Always use social shares

Include social media share buttons in your emailer, to encourage readers to share the content with their friends. This enables them to easily share something they think someone will be interested in and it helps you spread the word. Let’s face it, you’re more likely to be interested when it comes from a trusted source.


Create an intriguing, action-oriented email subject line

The first thing that the reader sees is the subject line. So be sure to create an intriguing and memorable subject line to peak the reader’s interest. A bad subject line could get your emails sent straight to spam, deleted or worse the reader could unsubscribe from your list, without even taking a look at the information that you have provided.


Build interested subscribers for your email campaign

It’s imperative to build a database of people that are interested in receiving your content. Otherwise your campaign will more than likely end up in the trash. Always ask permission beforehand and remember databases take time to build so spend time on this and you’ll enjoy the rewards in the long run.


Test your email campaigns before you hit send

ALWAYS ensure that you test your campaign before you send it out. There’s nothing worse than receiving a mail with the incorrect links or spelling mistakes. A fresh set of eyes does wonders, pass it on to a colleague or 5 and ask them to check it for you. Once you have the go ahead, you can rest at ease knowing that your campaign is exactly the way you want it.


Email campaigns offer ongoing measurement and insights

Email marketing is extremely measurable. You’re able to track exactly how well the campaign performed and use these insights to make adjustments to improve the next campaign. Take a look at which links generated the most clicks and this will give you big clues about what they’re interested in. Analysing the results after a campaign is sent is so important for future success because sometimes what you think people will like is exactly the opposite!

Follow our 8 tips to drive a successful email campaign and stay on top of your customer’s mind by increasing your brand awareness.