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Engage With Your Followers With The New Facebook Polling Tool


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Social Media is fast becoming a vital element within marketing strategies, allowing big corporates and entrepreneurs alike to actively engage with their customers at the click of a button. This has drastically changed the way business is done today, and has opened up a world of opportunity for companies to capitalize on take a look at Facebook polls for instance. Facebook has now taken engagement with your followers a step closer by introducing this exciting feature.

Brands can now easily run informal focus groups on Facebook. We all ultimately want to know our followers better, know their preferences, personality and if they really are into our brands. This polling tool allows people and pages to quiz their respective friends or followers across Facebook and mobile apps.

Similar to Instagram stories Facebook polls are limited to two answer options, making it quick and easy for your followers to give their feedback. You can also attach GIFs and images as well as time the period you would want your poll to run for, giving you complete control of how your poll appears to your followers and encouraging you to be as creative as possible.

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Votes can be easily tracked by the person or page who created the poll and those who participated in the poll are also able to see how others voted, keeping them actively engaged in your poll even after they have participated.

Polls not only open up many opportunities for brands to gain insight to their followers’ thoughts, but it can be used as a fun tool to engage with your followers. What could have taken you months to find out through various traditional surveys, can now take a few minutes. Asking a simple question such as ‘which product from our range do you prefer – product X or Y?’ can immediately give you the feedback you might be looking for.

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So go on, give it a try and tell us what you think and if it was effective for your brand. Happy polling!