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7 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021

Since it’s our 10th birthday month we thought we would share our top reasons to invest in a sound digital marketing strategy. It’s key to ensuring you engage with your audiences effectively online and ultimately retain and gain new customers. 

A marketing strategy is not only about making sales, it is how you communicate the value you add, why you exist and who you your ideal target audience is. Ultimately a strategy helps you achieve RACE; Reach, Act, Convert and Engage – the full customer journey. So here are our 10 reasons.

lets get into the 7 reasons


Have clear goals

You need to have clear strategic goals and know what you want to achieve online. Each marketing platform is great for achieving different SMART objectives so this is key. E.g., an online clothing brand would not advertise on LinkedIn, but an Accounting Firm would (different market reach = different platforms). 


SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound. 

S: Be specific about what you want to achieve ‘Increase sales’ 

M: Know how to measure this success 

A: Is your goal achievable? 

R: Is your goal relevant to your business/ success? 

T: How long will this goal take to complete? 

These are the kind of SMART objectives you need to drive your marketing strategy.


Know your audience

Create customer profiles! Know your customers behaviours, propositions, likes and dislikes, their demographic and geographical status.

Once you’re clear about who you are marketing to, your campaigns will become more successful. 


Be ahead of your competitors

Be devoted to your marketing to ensure you are always ahead of your competitors. If your competitors are spending more time on marketing, they’re most likely getting the most quality leads. Set defined strategies, know who your audience is and target them! The more time you invest, the more likely you’ll stay ahead of your competition.


Develop an online omni-channel strategy

Def: Omni-channel; providing your customers with a seamless experience whether using a desktop, mobile or telephonic device. 


Ensure you reach your various target customer profiles (personas) through an omnichannel approach., This is important when marketing in 2021as more users than ever browse websites and social media on multiple devices. So you need to ensure you provide the ultimate user experience across various platforms. Additionally, don’t just advertise on one platform. Use email marketing campaigns, reach out on social media or educate people through a blog.


Learn more about your audience

Make use of reporting applications like Google Analytics and uncover information about the visitor behaviour on your website. Information about what pages they are visiting, how much time they spend and whether they are reaching out to you or making a purchase is key to unlocking the potential in your marketing and getting to know your audience. Don’t underestimate the value in data!


Be integrated

Integrate your online digital marketing strategy with traditional media. It is known that you need to interact with a prospect 10-15 times, before they commit to doing business with you. Don’t work in silos! Traditional media isn’t only print, it’s branding your vehicle or creating a catchy business card. It’s all about finding the right combination for your business based on your objectives.


Get a CRM System

Never miss a lead! Capture all your leads in one place with an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. With a CRM system like HubSpot, you can capture and communicate with your leads all in one place – making HubSpot the ideal marketing platform to manage your leads and sales team!

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