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Why your customer needs to be the hero in your brand’s story

Let’s cut to the chase with a truth bomb: your customers aren’t invested in your business beyond how it can help them solve their problems and make their lives better. And the sooner you realise and embrace this, the sooner you can start showing up in a way that resonates with your customers and benefits your bottom line.


The #1 problem with most marketing strategies

I see it all too often: marketing messages that place the brand on a pedestal, portraying it as the hero. And I get it. Businesses put a lot of work into creating their companies and refining their products’ features, so they (understandably) want to be the star of the show!

But your customers aren’t living in that narrative. They’re on their own journey, tackling their own challenges. They need a guide, not another hero competing for the spotlight. That’s why the first principle of the StoryBrand framework is: “Your customer is the hero. Not your brand.” This can be a major paradigm shift for many brands.


Why you shouldn’t try to be a hero

Every story starts with a main character (a hero) who wants something. People are interested in their own stories. If your brand assumes the hero role, the ‘want’ is disconnected from the customer, resulting in a loss of interest and desire. Instead, you need to align your narrative with what the customer seeks to achieve.

P.S. Did we mention that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that are not focused on the customer?

Your customers are the heroes of their own narratives

What’s the one thing that all of us care about? Ourselves!

As the heroes of our own narratives, we all face challenges, seek solutions, and strive for a better tomorrow. When you position your customer as the hero and you as the guide with expertise and experience, you will be recognised as a trusted resource to help them overcome their challenges.

Imagine your brand as Yoda guiding Luke Skywalker or Morpheus showing Neo the ropes in the Matrix. That’s the dynamic. In every great story, the hero encounters challenges and seeks guidance from someone who’s been there, done that—the guide. Your customer is the hero seeking a solution, and your brand can be the guiding force that helps them conquer their obstacles.

How do you make your customers the hero?

First off, get to know your customers. Understand their desires, struggles, and aspirations. They aren’t just statistics; they are the characters in your brand’s story. Craft messages that resonate with their needs, whether it’s a busy mom seeking convenience or an overwhelmed business owner navigating financial complexities.

Remember: your brand exists to solve their problems. It’s not about boasting about your achievements or your brand’s journey; it’s about understanding and addressing their challenges:

  • Speak to their desires
  • Acknowledge their problems
  • Frame solutions through their lens


Check out how we did it on the Generator Control website.

Help your customers win the day

We all love a feel-good ending, so remember that effective marketing isn’t about making your brand the hero; it’s about helping your customers succeed. By shifting the focus onto your customers, you’re empowering them to be the heroes of their stories. Your brand becomes the supportive guide, providing the necessary tools for their success.


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