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Does social media work for businesses?


Does social media work for businesses? Well, yes and no and here’s why we say that. It’s easy to claim that social media is either very good or a total waste of time. The truth is, results will vary depending on how well you understand how it works and much you’re willing to invest.

Here are our pros and cons to social media marketing:


  • You can target specific audiences using the platforms’ super clever targeting tools.
  • If your content is appealing enough it has the potential to go viral (bear in mind this is not something you can control so don’t rely on it).
  • You can interact with people in real-time which has great benefits if it helps drive positive behaviour.
  • Social Media helps creates brand awareness and allows you to remain top of mind with your target audience. If you run ad campaigns, you decide how many people you’d like to reach – where and when.
  • It has the potential to grow your business revenue, if you’re targeting the right people with the right message.


  • It takes time creating quality content that will get people to do what you want them to do, e.g. go to your website, share the post, give you feedback or sell a product.
  • It’s no longer free. If you want to reach your target market you’ll need to run campaigns and promote posts, or you’ll be wasting the time spent on the amazing content you’ve created!
  • People expect you to be available 24/7, so you need dedicated people ‘manning’ your pages at all times.

If you’ve read the above and the cons out way the pros for you, then maybe it’s time you take an honest look at your current social media presence and identify which platforms work best for your brand and the audience you interact with. Creating a social media strategy is the best place to start and sometimes it’s getting the right people to do that for you. The world of social can be a very scary space and without having the correct knowledge and set of expertise, it can hinder you from getting the best results for your business.

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