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5 ways to stop wasting your marketing budget

In this blog, we share tried and tested marketing methods that will help you eliminate wasteful spending and attract the right customers.


So you want better quality leads so you can grow your business? The problem is the money you’re spending on marketing is not making a positive impact on your bottom line. In fact, it feels like you’re just throwing money down the drain because you’re getting a trickle of poor-quality leads that are just wasting your time. You’re frustrated, and rightfully so. 

You’ve probably tried to do it yourself and may have even paid someone else, who you thought knew what they were doing, but sadly the results weren’t much different.

There is no shortage of marketing agencies to choose from, but how do you know which one will help you grow your business?

We’re about to share the 5 top things you need to have in place to ensure you get a stream of quality leads that will help your sales team thrive. These things will equip you to ask the right questions so you can choose an agency that avoids these pitfalls!

Read on and learn how to stop wasting marketing money.


Have a clear brand message

B2B marketing should always seek to understand what the customer is struggling with. No one is interested in WHAT you do, they want to know HOW you can help them. By identifying their problem you will instantly draw them in and be able to create a connection.

Write the problems down in the language they are likely to use when doing a Google search. This will help you later when you need to create SEO-friendly content.

Why is this so important?

Every day people are bombarded with information. Brands are screaming at them to buy their product which results in them tuning out. To break through the clutter, you must be clear about how you can help them as quickly as possible. If not, they’ll click away from your website or scroll through your post before taking the action you want.

How to identify if your brand message needs improving:

  1. It’s confusing and there are too many words.
  2. You’re using inside jargon.
  3. You’re talking too much about your business (you’re not the hero, they are).

How to improve your brand message

  1. Figure out what your customer ultimately wants as it relates to your product or service, eg. If you sell something that takes away a mundane chore (like convenience meals), then talk about how you can give them more quality time to spend with their family.
  2. Keep it short. Fewer words in marketing are always better. Spend time crafting your message until it’s as short and impactful as possible.
  3. Make it clear. Don’t make it hard for them to understand what you do. Spell it out clearly rather than trying to be too clever.

Make the most of every click to your website by having clear messaging that demonstrates you understand what they want and know how to help them achieve it.

Not taking time to craft good messaging on your website or campaigns will lose you leads and waste money.


Have clear ‘call to actions’ on your website

What is a call to action?

Don’t presume people know how to do business with you. A call to action is usually a simple button that tells them what next step they should take. It should tell them why they are clicking on it.

The ones we are most familiar with aren’t clear and don’t encourage them to click:

Good call to actions should be active, rather than passive words:

Have more than one call to action button on a page. Include a standout one in the top header and a few down the page as they scroll.

You will waste money if you drive people to a website that doesn’t have a clear call to action.


Maximise your opportunity to convert a prospect to a customer

Most people need more than one visit to your site before they are ready to take action. You’ve probably already spent money getting them to your website, so you want to do your best to keep them on the hook.

How to keep people interested until they’re ready to buy:

  1. Exchange their email address for a helpful download. 
  2. Set up a remarketing campaign using social media platforms or Google Ads that will keep your business top of mind for a while longer.
  3. Create a series of automated emails that will drop into their inbox (without you having to do anything).

Build an opt-in subscriber list of people interested in what you sell by offering them free value-adding content in exchange for their email.

Spending money getting to your website and not offering them something they can benefit from (that will also build your credibility) is a wasted opportunity for future business.

Need help designing a strategy to convert more customers?


Invest in a well-designed website

Website developers are a dime a dozen, but they are certainly not all the same. If you don’t know what to look for and simply choose the cheapest quote, you are likely to waste money and end up frustrated and disappointed.

What makes a good website?

  • Well-crafted copy cannot be understated. Start with your messaging and remember to keep it clear and concise.
  • Great imagery draws people in and keeps them on the page longer. It’s another critical element you don’t want to skimp on.
  • A well-constructed wireframe will ensure your content is well laid out and navigation is user-friendly.
  • A clear call to action in strategic places will drive the action you want.
  • Don’t be tempted to overcrowd your site with unnecessary information they have to sift through to figure out if you can help them. Customers don’t want to become an expert in your field – that’s your job.


Your website is your shopfront and will either help you grow your business or waste your money. 

Your customer doesn’t have time to waste. Help them take action on your website quickly.

Do your homework when choosing a web developer and don’t be tempted to make a decision based only on price.

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Choose the right advertising platforms

Competition and budget play a role in selecting advertising platform/s that will help grow your business.

What to consider to avoid wasting marketing money:

  • Google attracts people with the intent to purchase. They are actively looking for a solution to their problem so it’s a good place to be.
  • High competition for a top position on Google will drive the cost per click (CPC) up. A small budget in a competitive category won’t get you a lot of clicks.
  • Google has other advertising options that are cheaper and target people based on their search and browsing history.
  • Social media has great targeting methods that allow you to put your brand in front of a selected audience. It’s a smart way of building brand awareness for potential customers.


Google and Facebook make their money from advertising. They intentionally design their platforms to make it easy for almost anyone to run ads. But beware, unless you learn how to do it properly you are likely to make them rich and yourself poor.

Identify the objective of your campaign (eg. lead generation, brand awareness, or engagement) so the ROI can be accurately measured.

‘DIYing’ your campaigns carries the risk of wasting money serving ads to the wrong people

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