Thank you for choosing BrandHeart to help grow your brand online. You’ve made a great decision because we have a bunch of passionate people that are ready to get stuck in!

Apart from welcoming you to the family, we wanted to share a little bit about how we work to make it easy for all of us to get the results we want for your brand. Please take a few minutes to read through the 7 points below (we’ve tried to keep it as short and interesting as possible!)


help us meet


To meet our deadlines we plan our monthly activities in advance, but we need your help when it comes to approvals. We promise to give you at least 2 days to give us feedback on any design or copy reverts. When we send you anything to approve we will include a date on when we need your feedback by – just so there is clarity. We really aren’t being pushy, we’ve learnt that it’s just better to be clear.


tell us if you’re


If you are going to be away for any length of time, please let us know or pass the responsibility for approvals onto someone else.




When giving us feedback please take time to assess the work carefully so that you don’t miss anything. It can seriously affect our output if work goes back and forth and it just frustrates everyone.


keep us up to


We can only do our job well if we get continuous updates from you, so please keep us informed about any of the following (we would hate to be promising something that you no longer offer):

• Target market changes
• New product applications
• Service offerings
• Manufacturing processes or delays
• Performance against competition
• Product changes
• Competitive behaviour
• Internal structures


give us


We thrive on your feedback. It not only makes us feel good or realise where we need to shape up but it helps us to know what is working or not working so we can adjust our strategies.




Please give us helpful insights about your customers and how, why or what influences them when choosing your type of product or service. Insights are like gold to us because it allows us to develop meaningful content that will hopefully encourage the behaviour we want to see.


tell the


Like us you probably have a team and it’s important for them to know what we’re doing so they can also help provide meaningful input. Sometimes it’s the person we least expect that comes up with the best ideas!

our team

Charlene Udal

charlene udal


kaylin govender

digital campaign manager

chase wakeford

Graphic Designer

Thando Somacele

web developer

We really look forward to taking your brand to the next level…

let’s enjoy the ride together!