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There is no shortage of website hosting companies out there, we get that. So, to stand out from the crowd and give our clients something more than just hosting (without charging extra), we designed some pretty awesome reports that actually tell you how your website is performing. Rad, right?

Secure, reliable hosting with the best

Your site will be hosted with the most reputable hosting platform in South Africa so you can rest assured your website and email security is in safe hands. Monthly security checks are done to ensure we keep battening down the hatches.

Support the way you like it

We’re nice, normal people that understand the Internet and the tech that goes with it. That means we’re easy to work with and will happily talk you through any problem (no matter how silly it may seem). Nothing’s too much trouble for us.

Simple website reporting

This is the quiver in our bow. Some hosting companies go to the trouble of sending fancy analytic reports that no one bothers to read or understands. Our reports are easy to understand, include meaningful info and are available 24/7/365.

Our Hosting Options


Great for small, simple sites
that don’t get a huge
amount of traffic.
R 165
  • Email Account: 100
  • Storage: 5000MB
  • Traffic: 2GB
  • Sub-Domains: 10
  • Databases: 5


When you’re getting more
traffic (awesome) or your site
requires more space
R 275
  • Email Account: 250
  • Storage: 10000MB
  • Traffic: 3GB
  • Sub-Domains: 25
  • Databases: 10


Now you’re cooking! You’re a big business and people visit your very site often to buy, sell, search or get personal info.
R 330
  • Email Account: 1000
  • Storage: 20000MB
  • Traffic: 1TB
  • Sub-Domains: 75
  • Databases: 40

Why host with BrandHeart?

Secure, reliable hosting that suits your needs

Ability to scale up as your business grows

Email support when things aren’t working

Alerts if there are any security threats

We’re really nice people to work with

FREE, real-time website reporting