Mobile Apps for Hotels

We develop personalised hotel apps that help give your business the edge in the competitive world of hospitality. Whether you want to enhance customer service or increase sales, our expertly designed apps will help you reach your goals in a shorter time-frame.

 How will an app help my hotel?

  • Your app will be the most effective marketing tool you have
  • Incentivise repeat business with loyalty schemes
  • Accept reservation requests and send confirmations
  • Encourage guest referrals
  • Stand out from your competition
  • All your hotel information easily available

Hotel App Features

  1. Push Messaging
  2. Booking Requests
  3. Booking Reminders
  4. Guest Referrals
  5. Contact information
  6. Sat Nav Directions
  7. Special Offers
  8. Galleries
  9. Advanced Analytics

Hotel App Benefits

  • Sent instant messages to all your guests within a certain area.
  • Make it easy for your guests to request bookings.
  • Bookings are stored in the users app and they are also sent email confirmations.
  • Incentivize your clients for recommending their friends.
  • Include all contact information, including a click to call and email function in the app as well as links to your social media pages.
  • Navigate guests directly to your door.
  • Easily communicate your latest offers/promotions to all your app users.
  • Show off your hotel and its facilities.
  • See how well your app is performing.
  • Analytics also let you monitor the interest of your messages, allowing you to tailor them for your member base.


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