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who we are

BrandHeart team

Digital marketing experts with a proven track record

BrandHeart is a Durban based Digital Marketing Agency with almost 20 years experience (our offices are in the leafy suburb of Kloof). Although we’re passionate about digital because it allows us to measure everything we do, we’re savvy enough to know that marketing is not about the latest fad, but rather understanding who the target audience is, where to reach them and how to convince them.

We’ve helped both well-known and niche South African B2B and B2C brands that target different industries and audiences, that require a variety of marketing disciplines and advertising platforms to achieve their goals.

Our business model is designed to suit businesses that are serious about taking their brand to the next level and are prepared to invest financially. These businesses typically don’t justify or want to employ a full-time marketing resource but still require specialized marketing skills. Often the big gun advertising and marketing agencies don’t suit the needs or pockets of these businesses and small agencies only specialise in one aspect of marketing, like design or social media.

We’re in the middle. BrandHeart offers a 360-degree marketing agency service that includes everything from marketing strategy, creative campaigns, design, content & email marketing and all the digital services required to build an online presence and drive sales.

Over the past 10 years we have spent a great deal of time learning about the many digital platforms the Internet offers and have honed our skills to deliver great online results for our clients. We believe these skills make us a perfect fit for businesses that are serious about growth and need a marketing partner that understands how to help them reach their goals.

brand promise

Everything we do is done with clear intention and thought. Whether it’s how we spend our time on your brand or your advertising budget, we think carefully before we spend it. This means we’re always considering how we’re adding value.

our approach

being committed

When we take on a client, their cause is important to us and we’ll do whatever we can push them forward.

We spend time getting to know our clients and their customers, so that we can create marketing campaigns & material that resonates with a brand’s ideal customer and place it in front of them at the ideal time – creating opportunities for the brand to be considered.

we're in this together

If you win, we win. It’s really as simple as that. We see our clients as part of our team – all batting for the same side. And like a team, we need to share strategies, new ideas and ways we can beat the opponents.

we're not into one-night stands

As mentioned, we value commitment. So it makes sense that we’re into long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We do our best work the longer we know you and your brand. Like any good relationship it gets better and better with time.

we give you what you need

We don’t waste time, energy or money on things we don’t believe will add value or grow your business. It sounds obvious, but you need to trust us if we don’t always agree with what you want us to do. After all, it’s the reason you’ve asked us to help.

what we value

being considerate

We’re all trying to make better choices and live lifestyles that don’t harm others. We want to work with brands that feel the same way.

helping others

We all have different skills, talents and resources and when we use them to help each other  we make the world a better place to be.

what it’s like to work with us

we’re real

We believe in celebrating our uniqueness and encouraging others to be as authentic as they can be. Because when you bring ‘all of you’ to the table the magic happens.

we’re humble

We don’t like pride or boastfulness. In our world things change constantly so we know we always have something new to learn.

we’re transparent

We don’t make false promises we can’t deliver on. And if we’ve made a mistake (because we’re human just like you), we’ll fess up and do our best to fix it.

we keep good company



People that believe passionately in improving the lives of others 

and all that we share our planet with.

what our clients say

Moving Wedding & Function KZN magazine into the digital world with the help of BrandHeart was the best decision I made.  
They were a great help and advised me on the best solution to keep up with the times. 

Alison Kirk

Wedding & Functions

The team guided me every step of the way through our rebranding, brand guidelines, staff photoshoot & website development. They understood our business & my interaction during the entire process was fun & relaxed. I would absolutely recommend BrandHeart.

Jeanine Topping

JT & A

BrandHeart has greatly increased the response we were having from new customers. The message and image that wanted to send to our potential customers and existing customers was professionally interpreted and graphically displayed via a well designed website. Their advise on various aspects of marketing our company has made a big positive difference on our bottom line. Highly recommend them.



The BrandHeart team is dedicated to our success as a client. This was repeatedly demonstrated by them in learning more about our business strategies and aligning our public messages to our core values. I can recommend them to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Marinus Heymann

Jigsaw Advisory

We couldn’t afford to waste time on the wrong leads.
BrandHeart has been able to consistently deliver quality website leads since they started managing our AdWords campaigns.

Ed Selley

Renu Holdings

Fantastic service and expertise from BrandHeart. Highly recommended.

Etienne Hubert


Professional and friendly team that designed our new website. Since starting AdWords we have quoted on R50k new business in just 3 months! If you are looking for quality leads I recommend BrandHeart.

Herman Human

BHA Accounting

We’ve been working with BrandHeart since 2016. They’ve built for us a stunning website and easy to use e-commerce site They have been running our social media and Google campaigns and I can honestly say they’ve contributed to growing our business. Am very happy with their service.

bathabile mpofu

Nkazi Sciences

Working with BrandHeart is knowing that you have a team to rely on.

Carl Uys

Bowline Security

Thank you BrandHeart for bringing our online dream to life, we appreciate all the direction, love, heart, soul and hours you put into getting GoodSource online. We are so thrilled and look forward to many more years of work together!

Kim Drennan

Good Source

We’ve seen great ROI since working with BrandHeart. We’re spending less on AdWords and getting more quality leads. We appreciate that they are proactive and just get on with it because we don’t have time to waste.

C-J Milne


BrandHeart is able to work out the best strategic plan for your company, and make it work. They have a holistic understanding of marketing and specialise in the digital arena – so vital and especially pertinent to smaller business entities

Peter Rawson


BrandHeart is a dynamic marketing agency, offering highly adaptive business strategies! They are client focused and ready to suggest and implement marketing solutions that are tailored to YOUR business!

Lara Basslian

Peppa rok