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e-commerce marketing

Give your e-commerce business the best chance of success with
an online marketing strategy designed to generate sales.

A Typical sales funnel

is designed to move people from being aware of your brand, to making
their first purchase and then becoming a loyal customer. Below are the 4 stages of the journey.






Get as many people into the sales funnel as possible by making them aware of your brand & products. Some will be ready to make a purchase instantly; others will need more time and convincing.

typical Campaigns: Google Search


Shift people from just being aware to becoming interested enough to share their details. We use this information to start tracking their behavior so we can move them further down the funnel. And we continue to build awareness to keep the funnel topped up.

typical Campaigns: Google Search & Social Media

Suggested add-ons: Welcome email nurture series (email automation)


Whilst we keep making new people aware of the brand we also move potential customers to make a decision to purchase by reminding them what products they’ve shown interest in and draw them back to the website to complete the checkout.

Campaigns: Google Search & Social Media & Remarketing + promo

suggested add-ons: abandoned cart email & potential purchaser (email automation)


Continue to attract more people into the sales funnel whilst building loyalty with existing customers and encouraging them with cross selling options.

Campaigns: Google Search & Social Media & Remarketing & Google Display + promo

suggested add-ons: cross-sell plugin; product review; customer win-back (email automation)

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You want to fast track sales by creating awareness and moving people down the funnel as quickly as possible, so you grow your customer base fast.

Month 1

Google Search, Display & Social Media & Welcome Nurture Series. Campaigns start mid-month 

Month 2

Abandoned Cart, Potential purchaser, Remarketing, Cross sell, Product Reviews, Customer win-back + Promo campaign

Month 3

Google Search, Display & Social Media Campaigns + Promo

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