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case study

The Brief

Our client owned the South African rights to an Australian organic clothing brand and needed to grow the online division of their business. They had the basics in a place but there was no clear local strategy and marketing efforts were disjointed and uncoordinated. 

the strategy

Initially we were tasked to manage their social media accounts but we quickly identified there were many other aspects of the online business that needed attention if we were to be successful at growing their online sales. A website audit revealed elements that needed work to improve the customer experience and their journey from browsing to buying. The social media and Google Ad campaigns were doing a great job in generating website traffic but sales were being left on the table because not enough was in place to maximise conversions. Email marketing campaigns, both promotional and automated flows based on visitor behaviour worked well to change this.

the execution

Our digital marketing team worked closely with the client’s team to ensure our strategy and activities were closely aligned to their sales and business goals. We had full access to their Shopify website so we could both facilitate updates, launch campaigns, generate discount codes and watch the effects our efforts were having on sales. We set up and managed their email marketing account on Klaviyo and created monthly promotional campaigns. The more we worked with the brand the more we were able to be their voice on social media – creating content and managing conversations. The strategy continued to evolve as the world did, especially over the COVID-19 pandemic.

the return on investment

We started working with the brand towards the end of 2016 and over a 5 year period grew their annual online sales from R154 000 to R2.8 million– a 1664% increase! The annual ROI grew from 200% in year 1 to over 600% in year 5.

Various strategies and digital platforms where used to grow their sales. These included Social Media, Google Ads, SEO and Email Marketing. We led the online strategy and handled all execution for 5 years.

Marketing & Advertising Spend vs Online Sales Growth 

Marketing spend % increase year on year

Online Sales % increase year on year

year 2



year 3



year 4



The marketing spend increased in year 2 and then the client continued to decrease it in year 3 and 4, however sales continued to increase exponentially. Many factors attributed to this incredible growth, including:

Database growth

Automated email flows we set up gained momentum as the database grew

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for each product 

Google Search & Display campaigns ran extremely efficiently with high ROI

Remarketing campaigns

E-commerce growth in South Africa

Other key performance metrics

Total orders grew on average by 197% each year, with the biggest growths seen in year two and five. We took over the online marketing strategy towards the end of 2016 and grew sales by over 300% in year one. The COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 had a positive effect on sales as e-commerce in general saw a massive increase.

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