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case study

The Brief

The client didn’t feel that their corporate identity, website design or content represented their business well and came to us to help them completely overhaul their brand. From what it looked like to how it communicates what they do and stand for. SETA Accreditation is a long and tedious process but JT & A simplify it for their clients – their logo and website needed to convey this message.

what Janine says about BrandHeart:

The team guided me every step of the way through our rebranding, brand guidelines, staff photoshoot & website development. They understood our business & my interaction during the entire process was fun & relaxed. I would absolutely recommend BrandHeart.

Jeanine Topping

JT & A

corporate Identity

Brand Guidelines

After interviewing the client we were able to unlock and write a set of guidelines that they now use to guide them in every aspect of their business. Most of this content appears on their website to help clients understand their vision, values and what it’s like to work with them. Here’s an excerpt.


We’re determined

Achieving accreditation is a simple process – if all the steps are followed. So we are relentless in making sure we hold you accountable to giving us what we need, so that we can see you through to the end of the journey. But don’t fear – we’ll hold your hand and cheer you on when the going gets tough.

We have high standards

That doesn’t mean we’re arrogant. It means we’re committed to doing our best work so that we can live up to our promise to you. But it also means that we need you to do your best because we won’t submit your application until we’re confident it’s 100% up to scratch. Just like you, we’ve worked hard to build our name and we won’t risk tarnishing it.”



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