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Marketing that hits the mark.

Get a clear brand message and marketing plan
designed to attract your ideal customers.

quality inbound leads

feel like your MARKETING is shooting in the dark?

  • You’re wasting time chasing poor quality leads
  • People don’t really understand what you do
  • You don’t really know if what you’re doing is working
  • It’s hard to differentiate from your competition
Too many businesses waste money on marketing that doesn’t get a return.

Smart marketing is simple and gets results.

Turn your guessing game into a clear marketing plan

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to get on the right track

Attract Ideal

Get clear messaging that strikes a chord with your audience and convinces them to do business with you.


Stop wasting money on marketing that is chomping your budget but not adding to your bottom line.

Coordinated Marketing

Get a clear marketing roadmap that is custom designed to suit your budget and business goals.

You’ve worked hard.
You deserve more people to do business with you.

You’re an expert in your field – just like we’re an expert in ours. So don’t be tough on yourself if you’re struggling to get your marketing to work. 

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped dozens of SMEs get their marketing on the right track so that they can win more business. Our proven strategies and world-renowned marketing frameworks help our customers stand out from the pack.

happy client

“The BrandHeart team is dedicated to our success and this is repeatedly demonstrated by them in learning more about our business strategies and aligning our public messages to our core values. I can recommend them to anyone who is serious about growing their business.”

Marinus Heymann
Jigsaw Advisory (now inlumi)

our favourite things to do

Brand &
Communication Strategy

From unlocking your competitive advantage to finding the best way to position your brand, we help you create differentiation and decide on the plan of action you need to take.

clarifying your
Marketing Message

You’re losing customers if they’re confused. We use the StoryBrand framework to write copy for your sales funnels and website so you can win more business. 

building sales

A lead machine that works while you sleep will remove the stress and deliver the consistent flow of quality leads your sales teams are yearning for.



book a call

Tell us about your business and where you’re struggling and we’ll see how best we can help.


choose your package

Pick from our off-the-shelf offers or get a custom plan that either you can implement on your own, or with our help.


win more business

Then you’ll have much better chance of cutting through the clutter and attracting more of the right customers.

our popular packages

we do more than this but these are a great place to start!

roadmap your

frustrated that your marketing isn't getting results?

You’re not alone. Many business owners struggle to get their marketing to work.

Our team is experienced in quickly identifying short and long-term strategies that will help you generate good leads and grow your business. 

done in 5 days

put your website
to work

your website can bring you business - if it has the right words.

Most websites don’t work because they don’t get to the point quickly and leave visitors confused.

We’ll get the right words down so customers are clear about the problem you solve and make it simple for them to do business with you.

done in 10 days

lead machine

we build a sales funnel once and it works while you sleep.

Sound dreamy? That’s exactly what our sales funnels are.

They’re designed to attract tons of prospects so you can grow your email list, win more customers, and catch more zzz’s. 

we can go fast or slow –
depending on how many months you want to split the payments

Download our free PDF and turn the taps off wasteful marketing